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About workerslifeWho are we?

Workerslife is the brand name of a financial services group providing long term and short term insurance solutions to the people and families of South Africa. We provide simple, affordable and innovative insurance products that meet people’s diverse needs and that safeguard their future.

We are registered with the Financial Services Board or FSB through

  • Workerslife Direct, a Financial Services Provider , licence no FSP 1687;
  • Workerslife Assurance Company, a Long-term life insurer , Insurer no LT132 and;
  • Workerslife Insurance Limited, a Short-term insurer, Insurer no ST162

Our journey started out in 1996 when we saw a need for the policemen and policewomen of the country. Caught up in the political turbulence of the time, they needed the security of knowing they could get insurance that would protect their families and dependants, and provide for their future.

Today, we employ more than 300 staff to insure more than 200 000 families from around the country, together representing more than 1 million family members and dependants.

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