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What does it mean to have funeral cover?

First of all, what is funeral cover? Funeral cover is a plan designed to pay out a lump sum to the family of a deceased person, upon death. This is money used to pay for all the expenses that come with arranging a funeral. Different insurance companies offer different benefits and/or “add ons” for different premium ranges. 

Now, the most important question, why do you need funeral cover? Imagine, you are a husband and father of 2 children, and unfortunately you die in a car accident. Your wife, who is a stay at home mom, now has to arrange a dignified funeral to send her beloved off. She is grieving and the stress of where to get money for the funeral is the last thing she needs.

Now imagine, you took out funeral cover and your family has little to no worry about financing the funeral? This is because most funeral covers will pay for the:

  • Mortuary
  • Repatriation
  • Hearse
  • Family car
  • Flowers
  • Groceries
  • Tombstone

These are all things that can leave your family extremely devasted if they must pay for them from their own pockets. And let’s be honest, not many people have a huge pile of cash, stashed somewhere for a rainy day. Funeral covers ease the financial strain and burden of a grieving family, so they can focus on getting closure and healing from their loss.

Death is not a pleasant topic or one that anybody wants to touch on, but it is an eventuality for everyone. You can be here today and gone tomorrow and the best thing you can do for your loved ones is to help them come to terms with your transition, even after you are gone.