Events of a Claim

Each time you have claim under this policy, you agree to pay a 1st amount payable, which is:

In the event of a TOTAL LOSS

(In other words lost, stolen or beyond econimical repair)

  • First 10% of claim with a minimum of R300
  • Second loss within 12 months this amount increases to 20% of claim,with a minimum of R750
  • Third loss within 12 months this amount increases to 40% of cost of claim

If the cell phone is repairable

The event of a claim in terms of this policy, you must do the following:

  • Report the incident to Administration Plus (Pty) Ltd by calling, 086 111 8765 as soon as practicable after the discovery of the loss or damage.
  • Within thirty (30) days of the loss you must have supplied all relevant information and details of the claim as requested by Administration Plus (Pty) Ltd
  • As soon as possible following a loss by theft of your cell phone you must report the incident to your service provider and arrange for the sim card to be deactivated and your cell phone must be blacklisted. Failure to do so will lead to your claim being rejected.
  • In the event of a stolen or lost cell phone you must report the incident to the South African Police Services within 48 hours, or to the relevant foreign authorities in the case of travel abroad. Documentary evidence of a police reference number must be obtained and sent to Administration Plus (Pty) Ltd together with the completed claim form.
  • You must give all reasonable assistance in the recovery of the lost or stolen cell phone or any part thereof and identification if called on to do so by the insurer. Reasonable expenses in giving such assistance shall be reimbursed by the insurer. Should you fail to give such assistance in terms of this condition when called upon to do so, you shall immediately become responsible to repay to the insurer all amounts paid in respect of the claim.
  • Any damaged or stolen and recovered cell phone which is replaced by your Insurer becomes the property of your Insurer and can be disposed of in any manner your Insurer considers appropriate. This however does not give you the right to abandon any property to the Insurer whether taken possession of by the Insurer or not.
  • In the settling of any claim your Insurer can take over the handling of the claim in your name and the prosecution of any criminal action in connection with the loss or damage.
  • Where you fail to collect the cell phone which has been repaired or replaced within ninety (90) days from the date of loss, you will forfeit the claim and the cell phone will be sold or returned to stock to defray expenses.
  • If Administration Plus (Pty) Ltd rejects a claim or disputes the amount of any claim made under this policy the Insurer will be relieved of any liability unless you make representations to the company in respect of the decision within a period stipulated by law and the Policyholder Protection Rules as amended from time to time, failing which you forfeit the claim and no liability can arise in terms of such claim.