Comprehensive Legal

Note: A legal expenses product guaranteed to meet all your needs from just R122 per month

Features & Benefits

Gold Option

For R122pm you get up to R120 000 legal cover per annum
  • Labour matters (CCMA, Bargaining negligence, RAF contingency)
  • Administration of the deceased estates(max. contribution is R1 500.00)
  • Standard agreement
  • Wills
  • Custody
  • Conveyancing – R6 000
  • Bail benefit – R3 000
  • Accident protect
  • R120 000 cover for only R122pm.

Prestige Option

For R165pm you get up to R150 000 legal cover per annum
  • Legal advice
  • Civil matters (excl. medical negligence, RAF contingency)
  • Criminal matters (excl. appeals an reviews)
  • Labour matters (CCMA ,Bargain council, labour court)
  • Administration of deceased estates (max. contribution is R2 500)
  • Standard agreement
  • Wills
  • Custody
  • Maintenance matters
  • Divorce (contested and uncontested)
  • Conveyancing – R7 000
  • Bail benefit – R3 000
  • Fines Protect
  • Accident protect
  • Pothole protect
  • R150 000 cover for only R165pm.

Comprehensive Legal

Fees that will NOT be paid

Unless we have given our prior written approval for the appointment and fee, we will not pay:
  • An expert witness fee
  • Tracing fees
  • Motor vehicle accident report
  • Medical report
  • Medical examinations
  • Credit profile reports from a credit bureau.


  • Conveyance of private residential property
  • Payment of: Legal Transfer fees
  • Drafting of lease and sale agreements



  • Covered at insurer’s discretion


Additional Benefits

Comprehensive legal offers the following additional benefits at no extra cost, depending on option selected:

  • Bail benefit
  • Up to R 3 000 will be paid on your behalf in the event of an arrest (This benefit applies only for minor crimes)
  • Fines Protect
  • Guarantees reduction of your traffic fines and provides a painless channel to pay.


  • Accident protect
  • Provides victims of motor vehicle accidents in SA with immediate access to an effective Road Accident Fund (RAF) claims management system.
  • Pothole Protect
  • Recovery of money spent on damaged tyres, mags or rims caused by potholes.