Mobile device Insurance


A life without your gadget is quite an inconvenience. Talk to us about the Workerslife Mobile Insurance and we’ll insure your phone, laptop and tablet.

Workerslife Mobile Insurance

  • 24 hours replacement of mobile device throughout the country
  • From as little as R25 per month
  • We collect, quote for repairs and deliver at our cost

Features and Benefits

  • No age restriction
  • Can cover all your personal devices (mobile phone, laptop and tablets)
  • We replace within 24 hours of receiving all relevant and required claims documentation
  • Should a mobile device be beyond economical repair, we arrange immediate replacement
  • If we elect to fix a mobile device – we offer a 7-day service on repair of mobile devices
  • No unnecessary terms and conditions

What is Covered

  • Accidental damage (Shattered screen)
  • Theft
  • Smash and grab
  • Water damages

What is not Covered?

  • Deterioration, scratching or other damage to outer casings, aerials or keypads.
  • Any loss or damage during the hire or loan of your cell phone to another person.
  • Loss of or damage to your cell phone resulting from theft or any attempt thereafter.
  • Concealed compartment or boot. Any such loss must involve forcible and violent entry into the vehicle.
  • Loss or damage to batteries, other than when they are stolen or lost together with your cell phone.
  • Consequential loss of any kind whatsoever.
  • Loss of or damage to your cell phone arising from or contributed to by negligence or deliberate actions by you.
  • Loss or damage arising from a manufacturers defect.
  • Loss or damage caused by electronically-conveyed viruses.
  • Wear and tear.
  • Theft from vehicle unless it is broken into with evidence of forceable entry.
  • If you wilfully damage the handset.

Mobile Insurance

What can we do for you? You have a dream of the life you’d like to give your family, and each day you work hard to bring them closer to that dream.

That’s why Workerslife has a range of short term and life insurance products, as well as other valueadded services that help protect you and your family financially and legally in times of need.

Application form for cell phone insurance

This application  becomes the schedule when the first premium is received.

Cell phone Claim Form

All lost/stolen phones must be blacklisted and reported to the SAPS within 48 hours upon discovery.

Life without your gadget is quite an inconvenience

Just sign a one-page policy and you’re done. No unnecessary terms and conditions