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The claim process

In order for any assistance to be provided and/or payment made in terms of a claim, the insured must:

  • Call Workeslife Direct on 0861 520 520
  • Produce proof of his/her identity (identity document, birth certificate, or passport)
  • Complete in full a claim form that is relevant to the specific claim
  • Fax the claim form back to 0861 560 560.

Depending on the nature of the claim, we will either have an independent legal advisor attend to your problem or instruct an attorney who is on our panel. You will be informed of who is handling your matter.

  • At no stage may you instruct your own attorney. If you do, Workerslife Insurance will not cover your legal costs
  • We are obliged to make payment only at the conclusion of any matter giving rise to a claim

Once an attorney has been appointed to your matter, we will

  • Ensure the matter is dealt with
  • Keep you informed of the process you need to follow
  • Keep you informed of progress.